Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Why not to have…
…take me to a hot pink experience. Be my palette, color my room again. Be my painter, take these wings, break them in thousands, give me new ones, smile to me.
Throw me throe a hot pink toboggan, shake my legs again, snap me now!
Why not to die after…
A hot pink life, a grey sky, and these two small hands around yours.
Pick me! Show it, do it, come… hot pink warrior, swords of tears, eyes of stone.
Why not to lick a hot pick ice cream doll… show me that world, grab some pain with you, don’t eat it alone.
There’s a hot pink dinning room for two, would you paint it for me?


Sofía said...

What you favourite colors?
Hello, I don´t undestand much, because my english is basic.
llegara la hora de que todo sea color esperanza, jaaj,

Casi Ángel said...

mademoiselle, pour quoi n'ecris pas en français? Je pense que c'est un bon langage pour parler de sentiments...